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関ジャニ8 Wander Lyrics and Translation
This is my first ever attempt at translation.  I tried my best, but I know there will be mistakes and some misinterpretations on my part especially with Japanese idioms.

I chose to translate a recently released song from one of my favorite japanese bands as I thought it would be simple enough ~ i was wrong.  It really took me a long time to complete the lyrics by ear and with the help of a dictionary.  Hopefully, you'll get the gist of the song which turns out to be very pessimistic (just my opinion) but is deep in meaning at the same time.  It's basically a self-reflection.  It focuses on the meaning of satisfaction and contentment in life and whether or not, at this point, a person is where they want to be or are they missing something more important.

Btw, comments and corrections are welcome.  Like I've said, this is my first attempt so I'm expecting mistakes.

So here it goes ~ my interpretation of Kanjani 8's Wander.

Kanjani8 - wander
Kono ichi wo mezashita chizu
I wanted to be in this position
それよりも 目の前の自由と戯れ
Sore yorimo me no mae no jiyuu to tawamure
Nonetheless, this freedom and my playing around is just a façade
仕事をこなしてく 偽りしかない
Shigoto wo konashiteku itsuwari shikanai
I’m only pretending to work hard
しがない日々を佇み 歩いてきた 上手に
Shiganai hibi wo tatazumi aruitekita jouzu ni
It’s the same boring day everyday but I still try my best
ただ大切なものを 遠くに
Tada taisetsu na mono wo tookuni
However the important things seem to slip farther away
Oitekita kotoni mo kidzukezuni
Things just happen
巻き起こる飽きてた現実に 舌鼓してた
Makiokoru akiteta genjitsu ni shitatsudzumishiteta*
I just “press my lips together” because of this weariness

Kaerimizuni te ni ireta
Regardless of what I have
Chii ya meiyo no kage ni kakusu jikokeno
I hide my self-hatred behind status and glory
“Mokuteki no tame naraba”
“If it is for a reason”
Tsunaideita te to te wo hanashita
Let go of our clutched hands

悲しみも喜びも ごちゃ混ぜにして
Kanashimimo yorokobimo gochamaze ni shite
I have mixed sadness and joy
Kokoro kara kikoeru sakebi koe ni saemo
Even if the heart screams its loudest
Mimi wo fusagaideta
The ears would be covered

意味を求め 意味もなく
Imi wo matome imi mo naku
Give me a reason (because) I have lost meaning
Shinjita field ni tatsu no sa
Standing in a place where I felt secure
息を殺し 道を行く 目を伏せ偽りの姿で
Iki wo kuroshi Michi wo yuku me wo fuze itsuwari no sugata de
Stop breathing. Go down the road with downcast eyes.
その足跡から 芽が生え
Sono ashiato kara me ga ikhae
A bud can grow from this path I have created
Donna hana ga saku no ka
I wonder what kind of flower will bloom
Where to wander でもきっと 何かを届けたい
Where to wander demo kitto nani ka wo todoketai
Where to wander, but surely something will turn up

足早に向かう明日が来ない事 願ってた
Ashibaya ni muko kau ashita ga konai koto negaitteta
I wish that tomorrow would not come so quickly
「なんだか あなたが分からない」と言われ
“Nandaka anata ga wakaranai” to iware
You’d say, “Somehow, you can’t know that…”

“Ore mo wakaranai”
“…and I wouldn’t know that too.”
Iiwake mo dekinakunatteta
I couldn’t reason out too

Sotto kagami no mae ni tatte wa
Silently standing in front of the mirror, (I’d ask myself)
“Kore wo nozondetano?”
“Is this what I wanted?”
Nozonde wa inaidarou?”
“Don’t I want more?”
そんな顔で見つめられていた 自分自身に
Sonna kao de mitsumerareteita jibun jishin ni
Does this face bare self confidence

Fukuramasetekita rizo to negai
Has it clearly shown my dreams and desires
Yume ni made miteita seikai
Until my dreams are met, I will search the world
具現化したのに零れない 笑みすらも
Gugenkashita no ni koborenai emisura mo
But despite being able to do this, I still can’t fully smile
やっと出来上がってた 等身大のパズルは
Yatto dekiagatteta toushinta daiooki no puzzle wa
(It’s like) after finally completing a giant puzzle,
心臓部分のピースだけが 抜け落ちていた
Shinzou bubun no piece dake ga nuke ochiteita
You’d find that the only missing piece would be the part where the heart is supposed to be

意味を求め 意味もなく
息を殺し 道を行く 目を伏せ偽りの姿で
Where to wander でもきっと 何かを届けたい

渇いた喉を捉え 探した答えを
Kawaita nodo wo torae sagashita kotae wo
Trying to find an answer in a throat that has already gone dry
満たされると そう信じて進んできた でも
Mitasarerutosou shinjite susundekita demo
Even if you seem to be filled with faith  

存在している意味も 無くした心の声も
Sonzai shiteiru imi mo nakushita kokoro no koe mo
Your existence, your lost inner voice,
人も街も視界も 暗闇で
Hito mo machi mo shikai mo kurayami de
People, towns and images are all in darkness
Nani mo kamo koko ni wa “nai”
There is nothing here… “nothing”

時のバスに乗る 過ぎゆく景色
Toki no bus ni noru sugi yuku keshiki
Scenes pass while on the bus
時計の針 巻き戻る
Tokei no hari maki modoru
Turn back the hands of time (to the
麗しき夏色 眩い日差し
Urawashiki natsuiro mabushii hizashi
Resplendent colors of summer, bright sunlight
遠い記憶 漂う
Tooi  kioku tadayou
Remembering distant memories

一年 五年 十年 たどり着くはずない
Ichi nen go nen 10 nen tadoritsukuhazunai
But before even recollecting memories from a year, 5 years, 10 years back
Touni suteta shuuten
I arrive at a long abandoned station’s end

降りる途中で 途中下車した俺の目の前で
Oriru tochuu de tochuugesha shita ore no me no mae de
As I get off at the stopover, I see
少年が 両手いっぱいに夢や希望を
Shounen ga ryou te ippai ni yumei ya kibou
Young boys filled with hopes and dreams
Dakeekonde de waratteta
Embracing life merrily

見覚えある俺は 一目で誰だか分かってた
Mioboearu ore wa hito me de dareda ka wakatteta
I recognize this and anyone can see with just one look
Konna fuu ni waraetanda
Did I ever laugh like this?
Omoidaseba kotae wa atta
If I could only remember, I would have an answer

そう 大切なもの 俺は綺麗な花を
Souno taisetsu na mono ore wa kirei na hana wo
Yes, it's Such a precious thing, I’m a beautiful flower
咲かす 咲かせたんだ
Sakasu sakasetanda
Blooming ~ Awakened

意味を求め 意味もなく
Imi wo matome imi mo naku
Give me a reason (because) I have lost meaning
Shinjita field ni tatsu no sa
Standing in a place where I feel secure
息を吐いて 道を行く 顔上げ誇らしい姿で
Iki wo tsuite Michi wo yuku kao age hokorashii sugata de
Breathe out.  Go down the road with a head held high with pride.
その足跡から 芽が生え
Sono ashiato kara me ga ikhae
A bud can grow from this path I have created
Kirei na hana wo sakaseyou
A beautiful flower will bloom
Where to wander 俺は真の愛を届けたい
Where to wander ore wa shin no ai wo todoketai
Where to wander, I want true love to come

*I'm still not sure how to interpret this term.

my friends are here
some of my friends arrived in japan last march 28... they toured around the kansai area first and mt. fuji.  today they arrived in tokyo... it's so amazing to see the excitement in there faces... exploring a city for the first time... it's like a kid in a candy store... i can just imagine how i was when i first arrived here... haha...

tomorrow they're going to disney sea... i hope they enjoy it... since they were on a packaged tour i wasn't obliged to join them... which is good in a way coz i still have some errands to do anyway...

i'll just meet up with them again on saturday... the girls are so excited to go shopping... what else?!!! and tokyo is such a tempting place to shop btw... haha... even i can't help it sometimes! heck, it's the fashion capital of the world (in my opinion at least).  plus the japanese have a lot of knick knacks that just kind of shout at you, "buy me! buy me!".  on the other hand, the boys are very much appreciative of the ladies here in tokyo... i also agree on this because japanese girls are beautiful... especially when they're not so over made-up... their features are so pretty and feminine...

i also wish the weather cooperates the next few days... it's spring already isn't it?!  let the sun shine and the sakura's bloom!!! i want to see flowers!!!

yappari watashi mo hana ga suki desyo!!!


in the beginning...
i was always thinking of writing a blog someday... but that day never happened until now...

writing is a form of expressing one's self... however i was never good at that... but i want to challenge myself and see if i can overcome this particular weakness of mine... i have to admit that this is also very scary though... i'm really not one to open up or let others see the real me... (you can ask my friends about this...) and although i will not be particularly writing about myself, my notes will probably translate/convey my feelings thus... scared!!!

as i said in this journal i will not be writing about myself... i would want to, however, discuss or illustrate or share my observations about things and life in general.  i will also, from time to time, probably include tips and insights on various topics such as food, music, travel, sports, among others, all based on or from my experiences...

i don't know if anyone will ever read this... but i'll just let this be my new outlet from now... until i find another hobby that is...

so let this be the beginning...



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