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my friends are here
some of my friends arrived in japan last march 28... they toured around the kansai area first and mt. fuji.  today they arrived in tokyo... it's so amazing to see the excitement in there faces... exploring a city for the first time... it's like a kid in a candy store... i can just imagine how i was when i first arrived here... haha...

tomorrow they're going to disney sea... i hope they enjoy it... since they were on a packaged tour i wasn't obliged to join them... which is good in a way coz i still have some errands to do anyway...

i'll just meet up with them again on saturday... the girls are so excited to go shopping... what else?!!! and tokyo is such a tempting place to shop btw... haha... even i can't help it sometimes! heck, it's the fashion capital of the world (in my opinion at least).  plus the japanese have a lot of knick knacks that just kind of shout at you, "buy me! buy me!".  on the other hand, the boys are very much appreciative of the ladies here in tokyo... i also agree on this because japanese girls are beautiful... especially when they're not so over made-up... their features are so pretty and feminine...

i also wish the weather cooperates the next few days... it's spring already isn't it?!  let the sun shine and the sakura's bloom!!! i want to see flowers!!!

yappari watashi mo hana ga suki desyo!!!



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